Ephemeral Embrace
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Queen of winter
Dead lovers
Obscure boulevard
The guilty

Ephemeral Embrace - Demo 2013

Ephemeral Embrace - Band

Ephemeral Embrace - Cesare, Simone, Riccardo

EPHEMERAL EMBRACE is the band that want to go outside the box, we didn't give a fuck about to be tagged into the umpteenth under-kind of metal, we never wanted to be a copy of the umpteenth "famous X band". The result? A punk/metal that put together everything has influenced us in these years.

Born in 2003, grown with Venom and Misfits, we never wanted to make usual metal. Despite all the line-up changes, our goal always has been to create something original, our first video-clip "Empty", a song about eating disorder like anorexia and bulimia, it's an example that help to understand how we face our life with the music. We born and grown under the star of '70 '80 '90 hardcore/punk and metal music. Under these influences, Ephemeral Embrace comes alive and gives life to its songs. Our second demo, in the february of 2013, is another clear example of this: 4 songs that are more near to what we were searching respect to the older demo, came out in 2008.

In fact some reviews gave us the confirmation of that:

Metallized - "Going into the essence of the work, the orobic band propose a pleasant "come back at the origin", the way of write and conceive the music it's what will be rebaptized "first black metal wave", a sound still tied, from a side, to thrash and heavy metal staves and on the other side, to the attitude, aggression and chaos of the 80 hardcore/punk made in U.S."

Italia di Metallo - "This guys gain with full hands from the origin of the thrash / black metal scene, through guitar heavy lines sometimes near at the crust punk"